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Development Services

ESC specializes in software engineering utilizing the latest Oracle and Java technologies. Our software engineering practice enables our teams to rapidly deliver high-quality web-based applications and ensures on-time delivery to meet end-user needs on a customer-determined schedule. We have successfully implemented our software engineering practice on a variety of hardware platforms, software languages, and business domains for a wide range of customers.

Our development teams are highly skilled in designing, developing, and delivering secure, service-oriented architectures, Web 2.0 applications, Web services, and real-time systems. We are proud of our delivery quality and responsiveness. Our customer-oriented focus helps enable us to continually meet evolving needs. In addition, our emphasis on close collaboration and willingness to embrace change help to ensure that Eiden System customers receive services best suited to their needs.

Database Services

The ESC Database Services practice consists of experienced, highly trained and uniquely skilled technology consultants. With expertise that spans Solution Architecture, Database Services, to system High Availability and Disaster Recovery, our skilled consultants ensure that the supporting systems architecture and solution components are optimized to support your business needs. ESC deploys solutions that offer a unique approach to addressing information technology objectives, leveraging the use of the latest Oracle technologies with other systems, applications, networks, and environments.

ESC consultants and database engineers will leverage their real world experience implementing the foundational Oracle technologies on behalf of your organization. ESC focus areas include: Database Services; Application Server; Real Application Clusters (RAC); Data Guard; Security / Identity Management; Disaster Recovery; Data Warehouse; and Remote Database Services.

Enterprise Management Services

ESC provides the full spectrum of information technology (IT) infrastructure management support, ranging from service operations to developing and managing networks and systems for our customers' entire IT enterprises. Our solutions are focused on delivering value to our customers; we first gain a solid understanding of a customer's current environment and what service enhancements they need to achieve their goals.

Then, based on our proven domain experience in IT services implementation, we tailor specific solutions that: Reduce costs through the use of repeatable, measurable standard practices; improve customer satisfaction by providing reliable, consistent service to end users; comply with required industry standards and guidance; and align IT goals with overall business goals.

ESC focus areas include: Classified/Non-Classified Networks; PKI Infrastructure; SAN; Virtualization; Security / Identity Management; Systems Integration; Messaging Services; and Information Assurance.

Consulting Services

ESC has built a reputation for delivering quality solutions on time and within budget. Our project and program management practices, automated tools, and experienced consultants are integral to our customers' success. Our program management support services are built on our knowledge of state, federal and Department of Defense (DoD) acquisition regulations and policies, an in-depth knowledge of project life cycles, and the use of metrics and thresholds to manage risks.

Each program management office provides a broad range of skills to meet technical, cost, schedule, and reporting requirements. Our program management capabilities cover a range of functional skill areas, including budget and costs analysis, project control, and risk analysis. Regardless of an effort's size and scope, ESC has the expertise and experience our customers need. Our service solutions are tailored to our customers' expectations and business needs.

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