What We Do

What We Do

Perhaps more than ever, our defense, law enforcement, academic, and international clients and partners are faced with incredibly complex and evolving threats and challenges.  Today’s mission requires processes and experienced teams of experts that are reinforced with modern and malleable technologies.  Like the desperate criminal, terrorist, insurgent, illicit procurement, and foreign intelligence networks that benefit from modern, mobile technologies, our clients must increasingly seek ways to fuse technology with analytical and operational processes that enable them to also become more global, dynamic, and adaptable.  As organizations seek ways to mitigate these threats, they always reach out to Eiden Systems Corporation (ESC), where they already know they will find a partner that brings proven and tailored solutions for even the most technical or complex challenges.

For over 35 years, our Analysis, Training, and Operations (ATO) and Information Technologies (IT) Divisions have created tailored solutions for customers facing big data, national security or investigative challenges.  Adding ESC to your team means creating innovative solutions that respond to your unique requirements and that fuse modern analytical, operational, training concepts with advanced IT processes and technologies.  We grant our clients with the competitive edge over any global threats or big data challenges because our seasoned experts work within our clients’ mission space—in a law enforcement field office, a secure government agency, with a tactical unit in a theatre of operations, on a network developing case management tools or software solutions for secure communications,  or remotely within our state-of-the-art exploitation and analysis lab!

Our Services

Information Technology

ESC hones technologies and capabilities for a variety of DOD, law enforcement, and private customers with very complex mission requirements and with massive amounts of collected information. ESC develops solutions to enable our customers to collect, store and access the data they need every time they need it. We have developed an architecture to support the storage of information gathering systems and we also developed code and software to help access the data easily integrating with other existing databases so that information can be accessible, integrated and shared.

Controlled access is vital to data protection and investigation integrity. ESC offers processes and authentication solutions that have ensuring those that need to have access to and those that do not require access do not obtain it. Our experience in acquiring, processing, and exploiting data has supported military and law enforcement in many situations, to include austere environments. Finally, ESC has developed systems that help law enforcement officers or analysts pull all the collected information together to develop a picture of what the information is saying and how they are to move forward in their processes or decision making.

Analysis, Training, and Operations

Are you looking to enable your mission with a company that does not have experience or seeks to use your mission to create new past performance?  Of course not!  Your mission requires a team of skilled professionals who come trained, experienced, and ready to make you successful starting the day they start.  That’s why so many of our customers choose our Analysis, Training, and Operations (ATO) Division, where you know you will find our seasoned experts who make your mission successful because that is what we have done for customers and clients for decades!

ESC enables dozens of US and Internationally-based missions with our robust and diverse intelligence analysis, training, and operations support division.  We offer your mission the same range of expertise and technological solutions that already boost our vast network of defense, law enforcement, academic, private industry, and international clients and partners!  Explore our ATO Division, where you will find the best price for the right experts that you need now for your complex missions.

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