Analysis, Training, and Operations

Analysis, Training, and Operations

Are you looking to enable your mission with a company that does not have experience or seeks to use your mission to create new past performance?  Of course not!  Your mission requires a team of skilled professionals who come trained, experienced, and ready to make you successful starting the day they start.  That’s why so many of our customers choose our Analysis, Training, and Operations (ATO) Division, where you know you will find our seasoned experts who make your mission successful because that is what we have done for customers and clients for decades!

ESC enables dozens of US and Internationally-based missions with our robust and diverse intelligence analysis, training, and operations support division.  We offer your mission the same range of expertise and technological solutions that already boost our vast network of defense, law enforcement, academic, private industry, and international clients and partners!  Explore our ATO Division, where you will find the best price for the right experts that you need now for your complex missions.

Our Core ATO Services

Intelligence Analysis Services Overview

ESC provides analytical support for a multitude of US and OCONUS-based missions and projects. Most of our seasoned experts have an amalgam of experience gained from several deployments in theatres of combat operations, supporting federal and local law enforcement investigations, years of time providing intelligence analysis and producing finished intelligence assessments, and years enabling collections and research missions. Our ATO Division offers for you today:

  • Identity Intelligence (I2)
  • Open-Source Intelligence
  • Network and Nodal Analysis
  • Document, Media, and Cellular Exploitation
  • Electronic Exploitation

Identity Intelligence (I2)

ESC has enabled our defense and law enforcement partners with analysis of biometric and forensic data with personal data to remove anonymity, develop attribution, and create enhanced understanding of how people, places, and things are all linked together. Whether your mission seeks to update databases with time-sensitive threat information in order to deny threat individuals, or you require an in-depth profile and pattern of life that connects individuals with specific incidents, communication activity, or physical locations and things (weapons, finances, organic/non-organic fibres), our experts are ready to inject your mission with processes that promote discovery and get answers for the challenging identity questions: who was part of what specific activities during a particular time period. We identify patterns and recognize anomalies, seeking the human behavior, characteristics, and identifiers that are unique to specific individuals of interest.

Open-Source Intelligence

When fused and/or validated with classified intelligence, open-source intelligence (OSINT) becomes a force-multiplier in the development of true “all-source” intelligence. Our team at ESC aggressively seeks in OSINT sources, specific and credible data that describes or informs on threats, ensures source validation, or opens the door for new tips and leads. For National Security missions and law enforcement investigations, we use OSINT to enhance the overall interpretation of how specific threat data are linked to people, places, things, and actions. We provide increased “context” of a specific subject, threat, or entity, developing products that enhance watchlisting profiles, threat network diagrams, individual dossiers, and efforts to define or predict behavior and sentiment.

Our ESC Data Exploitation, Analysis, and Dissemination (DEAD) Lab is equipped with OSINT tools, processes, and data solutions that marry forensic electronic exploitation, managed-attribution internet research, digital and document forensics, and much more. For a variety of commercial, defense, and law enforcement customers, our DEAD Lab OSINT research experts use managed-attribution to develop human attribution within:

  1. Companies—webpages, blogs, RFQs, social media profiles, shipping, import/export, financial and business data
  2. Individual activities and relationships-Social networking, publically-available data, blogs
  3. Technologies/components-webpages, schematics, data sheets
  4. Locations/geospatial images
  5. Dark Web (various, please ask for more information)
  6. Our research is done in compliance within customer authorizations and permissions for OSINT research, and the DEAD lab is constantly updated with new software and obfuscation capabilities. Each OSINT product is tailor-made to respond to unique, customer requirements, and always includes all references and key judgments so that customers can “rediscover” all sources and data for a variety of operational and investigative mission requirements. Contact us today to find out more exciting OSINT and DEAD Lab news and how we can enable your mission or investigative needs with state-of-the-art OSINT support.

Network and Nodal Analysis

ESC understands that criminal, terrorist, insurgent, and foreign intelligence networks that threaten our National Security are global, dynamic, and adaptable. Through the proactive development of analytical processes that are enabled by our modern information technologies and data management capabilities, we provide current and tailored support for any customer-facing big National Security or investigative challenges. Combined with our ability to develop storage locations for massive amounts of data, ESC is able to support our clients with information analysis and operational support.

Essentially, we are bilingual in analysis and operations, which means we provide invaluable cradle-to-grave solutions for any operations’ challenges—beginning with data collection, aggregation and exploitation; to conducting in-depth analysis and data fusion, open-source, and a variety of law enforcement efforts; to operationalizing the data with interagency partners conducting collections, investigations, interdictions, or kinetic operations. Injecting our expertise in all of these elements ensures that continuity and expert knowledge are available in every phase of our customers’ efforts.

Document, Media, and Cellular Exploitation

Eiden Systems Corporation (ESC) is a leader in providing government and private sector clients with full spectrum exploitation of digital and document media, forensic photography, and open-source research and data. Our newly-developed Data Exploitation, Analysis, and Dissemination (DEAD) Lab offers a “soup-to-nuts” approach for defense, academic, and private vendors in the areas of:

  1. Law Enforcement-tip/leads, rediscovery or “fig leaf” products for law enforcement, dossiers, evidence and timeline organization, expert witness support and alternative expertise reports (Prosecution and Defense);
  2. Intelligence-Intelligence Information Reports (IIRs), all-source fusion, hash-correlation/comparison with national holdings, trend analysis, network/nodal development, target validation, and more;
  3. Document OCR and language support (pocket litter, full-scale documents, photos/images);
  4. Researching and managing large amounts of other sensitive data (probable-cause search warrant data, operations data, corporate espionage data, and much more);
  5. Forensic Accounting (coming in FY 2019);
  6. Enabling Identity Intelligence/Biometrics (coming in FY 2019);
  7. Performing Cyber Security/PEN testing (coming in FY 2019).

ESC pioneered and organized for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), the ODNI standardization for DOMEX that is used by all US DOD agencies. Our team of experts at the National Media and Exploitation Center in Bethesda, MD, contribute daily to improving for the DNI, DIA, and interagency, processes for exploiting and managing raw data from global operations.

In addition to conducting digital forensics in extremely dangerous and complex global environments, ESC also provides internationally-recognized training modules for all aspects of DOMEX.  Our team most recently trained a number of US Navy Special Warfare teams.  

Electronic Explotation

Within the ESC Data Exploitation, Analysis, and Dissemination (DEAD) Lab, we conduct electronic exploitation and frequency analysis for a variety of technologies, dual-use commodities, or purpose-built systems. For our customers, we examine anything from radio-controlled switches for improvised explosive devices to unmanned aircraft systems to communication devices, and much more! Our state-of-the-art lab provides technical, profile, function, and interoperability analysis, and our reports are enriched with high-quality forensic images which are developed using our forensic imaging station. The DEAD Lab is staffed with experts that have years of experience conducting electronic exploitation of devices and technologies for DOD, SOCOM, Allied Forces in multiple theaters of combat, and Federal and local law enforcement. Our products include assessments and evaluations of: device frequencies; construction methods; component origin, type, use, and any alterations; linkages to other similar devices; actual/intended use versus commercial applications; device implications for intelligence operations, investigations, counter-measures, or counter-proliferation efforts; and technological interoperability and vulnerabilities. ESC offers this exploitation analysis in an entirely unclassified manner that can be shared with foreign partners, law enforcement, and industry stakeholders—in a world challenged by data-sharing obstacles, we enable your mission with the data and analysis you need to get interagency work done in a timely manner.

Training Services

Our training is focused on helping DOD and law enforcement organizations utilize the tools and equipment they have to collect, exploit, and analyze data and collections for use in a variety of missions. Our training is tailored to fit your requirements and to ensure that requisite standards are met and maintained throughout the duration of your mission. Our training support includes course development, instruction of courses, knowledge testing, and exercise support. In addition to our very robust digital forensics and cellular forensics training, we also provide nuanced instruction for analysis, network development, and various analytical production modules. ESC instruction teaches how and where to focus best—-to gather and analyze disparate pieces of legally-available information, and then develop a report/product that can be used to inform leaders or organizations of information to support their missions.

ESC can train in your spaces at any location, and also offers several types of classrooms and conference spaces.Some of our training services include:

  1. Document, Media, and Cellular Exploitation-Tactical and Strategic Training
  2. Intelligence Cycle Training (Coming Soon!)
  3. Writing for Intelligence Production (Coming Soon!)
  4. Interagency and Joint Battlespace Management Training

Operations Services

  • Counter-Intelligence, Counter-Proliferation, Counter-Narcotics, and Counter-lethal aide
  • Interagency Coordination-Ops/Intel Coordination
  • Interagency Mission Support and Planning
  • Humanitarian Operations (i.e., Fighting human-trafficking)
  • Best-Practices for Policy, Data Sharing, Intelligence Collection and Reporting, Rediscovery for law enforcement, and Working with Systemic Cultural and Legal Barriers between Law Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies

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