International Work

International Work

In addition to enabling a number of US government efforts in with seasoned experts in a variety of dangerous international locations, ESC also provides second-to-none training and operational support for a variety of international government, law enforcement, and Special Forces clients.  Below is a quick-look at how ESC has most recently collaborated, partnered, and enabled international clients and ESC partners.

ESC provided several thorough live Document and Media training modules to the Mexican military and Special Forces. Our team conducts training or operational support in Spanish (or in several other languages if needed), and can tailor training modules that focus on site exploitation, forensic exploitation technologies and processes, analytics, data storage and chain of custody, and data sharing and manipulation

ESC works closely with a number of UK and international companies that provide US, UK, and international governments with essential information regarding illicit procurement, supply chain, threat finance, international criminal activities, and counter-proliferation issues. Our team coordinates regularly to provide partners with paramount technical exploitation, analysis and assessments, and expertise for a variety of issues and threats that challenge the US and UK national security. Our team is eager to work with other international partners in these areas!

ESC is a graduating member of the Virginia Leaders of Export Trade (VALET) program, which is a two-year international business acceleration program that offers a powerful combination of capital resources provided by the Commonwealth of Virginia and professional services from expert, private sector partners. As one of 25 companies chosen for this program by the Commonwealth of Virginia, ESC has benefited from the program’s many opportunities—including the international sales plan development and customized market research plans. For more information, visit the official webpage at:

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